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With all the darkness in the world, it's easy to get bogged down in all the sadness and apathy around us. So we decided to take action. We’re on a mission to make the world a brighter place. Here we'll be sharing our ideas of how you can help us on our mission. We would also like other people to submit their ideas, as well as things they have done to help the world. You'll find uplifting and motivational quotes, pictures, and songs posted by us to inspire you along the way. We'll leave the rest to you. (Also, feel free to contact us at or become a fan of our page on facebook!)


I am not a Second Class Citizen.

A video about Witness, an organization that trains human rights advocates to use film in order to show the rest of the world the human rights violations occurring every day.

What are human rights? How does this definition change throughout cultures and religions? What is the history of human rights? Find out in this powerful and informative video.

A video from Amnesty International regarding torture and human rights.

The Equality Effect ›

Across Africa, women and girls are the most frequent victims of inequality — often forced to marry at a very young age, denied an education, subject to sexual violence, and unable to own their own property. These are just a few examples of how women are not allowed their rights as human beings. This organization focuses on developing solutions to address the inequality of women in Africa through law. They use human rights law to improve the health, safety, and standard of living of women and girls in Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi. To find out more about their projects and how you can contribute, visit their website by clicking the link above.

Youth For Human Rights ›

The mission of this organization is to educate youth about human rights — specifically about the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights — in order to inspire them to become advocates for peace and understanding around the world. It has become a global movement, which includes hundreds of clubs, groups, and chapters all over the world. Click the link above to find out how you can become a member, donate, petition, and do your part to educate others about human rights.

young boy at human rights march (by kameelahwrites)

We Recommend: Milk

"All men are created equal. No matter how hard you try, you can never erase those words."

Harvey Milk was California’s first openly gay public official, fighting for Gay Rights in California’s Castro District and beyond. Facing prejudice and adversity, Harvey Milk fought for gay rights and their ability to live in peace and happiness. At times haunting and chilling, others heartwarming and vivacious, Milk exposes what it meant to be gay in 1970’s California and, at the root of it all, what it means to be human.

“Together, my brothers and sisters, we are going to rule, not by the peace of guns and bayonets, but by a peace of the heart and the will.” 

A video about Patrice Lumumba. Click HERE to sign a petition to ensure a free and fair election in Congo on November 27, 2011.

Our Heroes: Desmond Tutu

Desmond Tutu was an Archbishop of South Africa who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his efforts in helping to end apartheid in his country. He’s been involved in many causes throughout his life, constantly speaking out against injustice and oppression. He is an ardent peace activist and a strong supporter of the global fight against AIDS. He also has dedicated his time to efforts to end poverty. He has won countless accolades for his commitment to creating a better world, including the Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism and the Gandhi Peace Prize.